Welcome to the best app for digital work reports
Any report that you have written on paper in the past, you can create better and faster digitally on the smartphone.  XP app has time tracking, signature function, checklist and photo function.
The best all-in-one, easy-to-use app system you can find anywhere in the world. Only XP Work Time app is always with cloud.

Download the XP Work Time app for iOS and Android
In the app store search window, type in XP Work. You can test the app without payment for 3 days.


Open the XP Work Time app on your smartphone and register
Your data is safe with us. We do not sell information about our users and do not analyze user behavior. The XP Work system will send you a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email click here.


Setup your smartphone
Change the language and select your currency in one step. Then enter your hourly wage. To do this, click Settings in the lower right corner of the XP Work App.
To enter the hourly wage, you must use dot to separate it. For example 12


Start your working time recording
Click on the yellow  START NEW JOB  button. Select the time you start working. Enter the work location and the company you work for. Briefly describe what your job is that day. The more details you enter here, the better your work record will be. Click on the green button SAVE DATA. All data that you have previously entered can be changed or added later. You can also close the app or turn off the phone. The data will not be lost. By clicking on the Home icon at the bottom left, you can always return to the startpage.


Finish your work time recording
Click on Home bottom left and then on Return To A Running Job. Review your work description. Did you take any photos of the work? Photos are the best evidence you can have! A signature confirming the accuracy of all data. The app shows the start and end working time again in the last window. You can still correct here if something is wrong. How many minutes in total did you take a break? Then click Save PDF. Your work report will now be created as a PDF file that you can view on your phone, and the report will also be automatically transferred to your XP Cloud.


Where can I find my work report on the smartphone?
Click on the PDF icon and then click on Work Report at the top. Here you will find all your work reports. You can forward or delete your reports by clicking on the 3 dots. If you click on the PDF icon the report opens on your smartphone. You can find all these reports in your personal XP cloud too.


How can I creat a work time sheet in excel?
Have you already created a work report? The working hours from the work report are automatically transferred to the Excel list. If you click on Time Report, you can see all working days with the corresponding times. It is your free choice whether the Excel list covers a week, 14 days or a month.


Setup your hourly rate
Click Settings bottom right and than on Hourly Rate. Enter your pay per hour. Now the app will show your earnings when you click on the time report. To enter the hourly wage, you must use dot to separate it. For example 12.55$


Reminder function in the appp your hourly rate
The XP Work Time App helps you remeber to write a work report every day. The app also reminds you, when the work time recording is still runnen, even if you are already at home. Under Settings you can adjust the reminder times to your need.


Work and Time Report
If you do a job quite often, you can create a list in the ....window. Work app home page, click the yellow

Work and Time Report
If you do a job quite often, you can create a list in the ....window. Work app home page, click the yellow

Signatur function
By signing, a person confirms that the information provided here is correct. If you as a user always confirm the correctness of the data, you can automatically display your real name in the signature field. Click on Settings, Other Settings and set the first switch to green.


Repetitive tasks, taking photos of work and signature function in the app.
If you do a job quite often, you can create a list in the ....window. Work app home page, click the yellow

Qu'est-ce que XP Work WebAccess ?

XP WebAccess est le nom de XP Cloud et du système de gestion des employés. À partir de là, vous créez la liste de contrôle que l'utilisateur a dans l'application, vous pouvez voir tous les rapports numériques, créer des codes QR pour accélérer la saisie des données dans l'application.

Je n'arrive pas à me connecter à l'application XP sur mon téléphone, pourquoi ?

Votre compte XP Work App est lié au téléphone avec lequel vous vous êtes enregistré pour la première fois.

Il n'est pas possible d'utiliser une seule adresse e-mail pour plusieurs téléphones. Chaque utilisateur/appareil doit avoir sa propre adresse e-mail.

Chaque fois que vous avez un nouveau téléphone, vous devrez réinitialiser le numéro IMEI dans la base de données XP. Chaque smartphone a son propre numéro IMEI et la base de données XP doit savoir quel IMEI est connecté à quelle adresse e-mail.

Pour réinitialiser le numéro IMEI dans l'application XP afin de pouvoir utiliser un nouvel appareil, cliquez sur Restaurer IMEI sous Mot de passe oublié sur la page de connexion de l'application XP.