5 conseils pour plus de revenus

Astuce 1:
Vous avez besoin d'une application de classeur. Pourquoi? Cette application montre combien d'heures vous avez travaillé. Si vous ne le savez pas exactement, vous perdrez toujours de l'argent !
Astuce 2 :
N'acceptez pas d'emplois qui vous obligent à acheter quelque chose en premier. Vous n'avez pas besoin de magasiner chez Carrefour pour 800 $ pour y travailler.


Tip 3:
If you want to earn some extra money, you can refer XP Work app and get commissions! As long as the person you refer uses the app, you will receive your commission every month. In the best case, even for life!
Building a reliable regular additional income. No other product offers you a lifetime commission. You don't need to invest anything. Simply subscribe to the XP Work Time app.
Receive your commissions every month without having to sell to the same person over and over again!!!!
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Tip 4:
Not everyone can become an Internet star. There's a whole industry that wants you to believe that making money online is easy. But how long will it take you to get a big reach? Do you even know what YouTube, Insta, etc. will pay you? Can you really find a product that is not yet offered on Amazon? Without years of experience, will you be a better trader than the people who work by Merrill Lynch? Have people really waited for your book? 

Tip 5:
Have you ever asked real people for work right at the front door? Yes, it feels unusual at first, but you can do this in addition to posting on Facebook. Not all people are active on social media. Gardening, cleaning, shopping for the elderly, you do not need to purchase anything and get money directly. And believe us, there is always something to do. Why not drop your business cards in neighborhood mailboxes?

Bonus tip: Trust is the greatest currency in the world. When you use the XP Workbook app, you can send your work reports to people you work for. This builds more trust than you can imagine! Brings you recommendations and follow up jobs. And the app is also available in a version for businesses.